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There are some amazing Little Brown Jugs in private collections.

Some collectors are willing to share there prized jugs photo's with this site, while others are not.  

Thanks to Michael E. Sargent for sharing your collection.

Tim  Wager runs a site on  Facebook, Bennington History, 

"After Dirt Was Invented".

Tim has some great photo's of Old Bennington, check it out.

His Colorization of many historical photographs are fun to see.

Tim Thanks so much !

And Just A Plain Thanks

My Family...Joy, Greg & Kerry...for putting up with me.
Paul & Vickie for turning me into a computer geek.
All the collectors out there who help me add a new

piece to my collection,

you are all my very good friends.

Special Thanks to The Bennington Museum 
West Main Street,Bennington,Vermont,05201

(The Museum houses the best exhibit of Norton Stoneware,

including some of the most unique Little Brown Jugs)

The Bennington Museum means so much to me...

When I first started this site over 20 years ago, all I cared about were the actual Little Brown Jugs, not the history.

But through the museum I learned of the Battle of Bennington and the future celebrations.

The Bennington Monument and the significance of Battle Day.

And of course the Norton Family.

I am forever indebted to you !!