Below you will see some kiln separators dug at the Norton Bennington pottery site in October 1989.  The shards were dug by my children.  There is also a triangular trivet support that was purchased at Fonda's Antiques, it has her initials written in pencil on it.  Also pictured is a "test" ink well and other kiln furniture that was collected / dug by the Waloomsac River by my friend and collector Jim.  At this time the Waloomsac River was actually a brook that flowed westerly behind the factory.  Is this stuff pretty ..NO...but it sure is filled with History.  When you look at a Little Brown Jug you see the payers fingerprints where the pot was held when dipped into Albany  slip...On the kiln separators where the potter picked up a chunk of clay and squeezed it you see the actual impression of their fingers.  Too me this is as cool as shaking one of the potters hands !!!

Please note these are all from Bennington, the ruler is from Worcester.

1877 view of Walloomsac river and the
Norton Factory, numbered 22,
 shards can be found along the river bed.