O. Lawton & Co.

16 Post St.

    This jug is quite unique, it is the first "Little Brown Jug" that I have seen with a scratched inscription on the base !!!

     I sought information on the inscription on the bottom of this Little Brown Jug.  Collector "Dan B." provided the following information...

     In his words... The main reason I am writing is that I noticed that you had a question about the inscription on the bottom of one of your jugs.

O. Lawton & Co. was an importer and wholesaler of earthenware, glassware and silver-plate in San Francisco. One of their addresses was 16 Post St although they had others. They were in business at least from 1872 through the mid 1890s. One guess might be that the jug could have been sent as a calling card or sample to perhaps open a discussion about a business relationship with Lawton acting as a distributor for the Norton Pottery. Its a stretch but then again Lawton was importing many items from England so bringing items across the country by rail isn't that far out of the question. Stoneware was used on the west coast and New England, New York and upper Atlantic states had the lion's share of the market right up until the 1890s so its not that crazy to think that pottery from Bennington might have been shipped out west. If nothing else, its yet another of those fascinating mysteries that make collecting so much fun.



     This advertisement appeared in the San Francisco Daily Alta newspaper on June 8, 1882. The above jug which I believe to be made by  Edward Norton & Co. conducted business between 1881 - 1894.
The jug is scratched on the bottom: 
O. Lawton & Co.
16 Post Street.

     For those of you wondering the O in O. Lawton stands for Orlando. The Haynes & Lawton Company was an earlier partnership in the 1860's. The Daily Alta shows them advertising as a partnership on July 21, 1861, I have not found the date when the partnership was formed.

Photographers number:1601
Title:Haynes & Lawton, Grand Hotel, Market Street, San Francisco
Photographer:Carleton E Watkins   
(Nov 11, 1829 — Jun 23, 1916;  Active approx. 1853 — 1896)
Publisher:Carleton E Watkins
Format: Stereograph
Photographed : circa 1872
CarletonWatkins.org Image ID:1001846

The significance of this photo is the reference in the showroom window on the left to CROCKERY & GLASSWARE.