What's in a name?

  "Jugs with Names"
     In all my many years of collecting, I have only seen seven Little Brown Jugs that bear peoples first names. Two are in my collection and two others are in the hands of two different "very private" collectors, plus three in the Bennington Museums collection.  There is not much to say about these jugs, except they are exceedingly rare.
Read about T. Park Brown on this site....

T. Park Brown received the jug from his parents when he was seven years  old....

What a wonderful jug, inscribed "Billy From Uncle Dan 1877" 

which is difficult to see under the applied decoration...

Thanks to Michael for sharing this jug from his collection.

Bennington Museum Collection

Bennington Museum Collection

Bennington Museum Collection

1777 LITTLE EDITH 1877

Private collection sorry no image available