History - Norton "Factory / Pottery"


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pottery as depicted on various pieces of ephemera.

    This picture is a contact print from a glass negative in the Weichert-Isselhardt Collection, owned by Images from the Past. The original photograph was taken in 1895 by Madison E. Watson, a prominent photographer in Bennington from 1888 to 1899. Notice this is a different view as well as a different season from the photo below,,,see the snow !!!


From the collection of Images from the Past


     The Norton Pottery on Park Street,
also known as Pottery Row, photo was taken in the 1890's.
Again take notice this is a different view as well as a different season 
from the photo above,,,no snow at all !!!
Photo by Burton Gates
Bennington Museum Collection

Colorization by Tim Wager

Glass plate negative showing the pottery building, 

the chimney and dam spillway.

Photo by Burton Gates

Bennington Museum Collection

     Photos of the Norton Pottery Factory are rare.  This is glass plate negative of a photograph of Norton Pottery factory located on School Street, Bennington, Vermont. Image is very washed-out. Nine men (likely workers) are standing in front of the building, horse and wagon on right. Sign on roof of building, "Norton's Bennington Pottery".
Photo by Wills Thomas White
Bennigton Museum Collection

     This is a black and white photograph of the Episcopal Church at the corner of Pleasant and School Street. The remains of a pottery kiln are pictured in the background. A church rectory is located to the left of church. Norton Pottery building is located at the right rear. This photograph was taken just past mid-day, between 1 or 2 pm. There is a long shadow pictured on the building in the foreground. This photograph was taken in the early spring. Just after new church, St. Peters', was built in 1907. Left of church is the tower of a school that was torn down in 1950's. A dirt road runs down the center of the image. A sidewalk runs down the left side of the image. Deciduous trees dot the landscape on the sidewalk. Utility lines run down the right side of the image. 
Bennington Museum Collection
Close up of lower right hand corner showing the 
Norton Pottery along with two kiln stacks!

Post card in color

Birds Eye View of Bennington and Bennington Center, 1877
Norton Factory can be seen, numbered 22
As reported in The Evening Banner, Bennington Vt. Tuesday, December 8, 1953 
Marshall's Garage moved to the old Norton Pottery site at 
106 Park Street in approximatly 1936.
Thanks to Jim Chatterton for his help in getting me copies of original clippings.

Tim Wager posted this short clip to his facebook page .

This is the line drawing from a J & E Norton pottery bill head.

Dated July 1857

Notice that there are five kilns being fired at once.

Cropped from envelope below.

     Unfortunately this historic building where a truly amazing family 
ran a business for over 100 years was torn down 
to build a Condominium complex.  All that remains is a sign 
"The Village at Norton Potters."  How very sad.....


Don't it always seem to go 
That you don't know what you've got til its gone 
They paved paradise 
And put up a parking lot

Lyrics courtesy of Joni Mitchell

United States Pottery Company
Stereograph labeled on back "View East from School bridge" Bennington, Vermont. Number 508. The water is high, a few leafless trees along banks and a group of buildings (US Pottery Company) on the left.
Photo by Calvin Dart 1874
Bennington Museum Collection
A great view of the United States Pottery Company
Stereograph of “Snow view from School St. East May 4, 1874” 
labeled on reverse by C. Dart, number 508.
Bennington Museum Collection
Norton "Factory / Pottery"
     Franklin Blackmer Norton was the grandson of Captain John Norton 
the founder of the Norton Pottery, Bennington Vermont in 1793.
He left Bennington and went to Worcester Mass. to start his own pottery in 1858.
A partnership was formed with Frederick Hancock.
Establishing the pottery F. B. Norton & Co.
Kevin D. thanks for the above photos.